Sustainable watersystem 2040, De Dommel

Yesterday I worked with Simoon Fransen for The Dommel, a water-government from the Netherlands.

60 people gathered in the Design Academy in Eindhoven, to sense into sustainable watersystems, “what could that look like in 2040”?

Every 6 years, water-governments (NL), enter a new cycle of governance. This point is marked by making a new strategic plan that lays out their vision for the coming 6 years, for their river-bassin.

For many decades this plan was written by the board, but this year it was set-up differently: 60 (out of 450) employees, gathered to sense into the future. All generations and hierarchal levels were present.
They also invited external partners to join the conversation that day.

A famous speaker triggered people by accentuating the importance of following the “logic” of nature and the necessity to use participatory & co-creative processes.
The question in the middle was “What could a sustainable water system look like in 2040?”.
This day was the start of a longer participatory processes in which De Dommel wishes to include employees and partners in the inquiry into the emerging future of water.

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It was a great day,

sometimes I’m so exhausted at the end of a day, having given more energy than received.

But yesterday I was full of energy and inspiration. Great team, interesting conversations, nice flow, lovely people….

I like!