International BankWiser Conference

I facilitated the International BankWiser Conference in December ’12. 35 participants (ngo’s from 10 countries), gathered in the Netherlands for 4 days. (Oxfam Novib was the caller) Theory U was the framework we used in order to reach a complex set of goals, and that in a spirit of common ambition, involvement and co-creation, and realistic results:

  • to get to know each other and build the foundation for a long term partnership
  • to develop the best available joint approach for setting up and further developing
  • BankWiser in each of the participating countries
  • to develop a long term vision on BankWiser International
  • to establish an organization structure and governance of BankWiser International that
  • enables the implementation of the joint approach of BankWiser
  • the drafting of a joint plan for funders