European Commission

Since 2006, more than 1000 people were trained in The Art of Participatory Leadership (Art of Hosting). More and more, the Commission uses this pattern to organise their gatherings, internal and external-with stakeholders. Traditional conferences no longer serve the challenges Europe is facing. There is need for dialogue and co-creation. I’m an accredited consultant for these processes and together with my colleagues from The Collaborative, we are asked to design and host these dialogues, in close collaboration with the internal hostingteams.

Some examples:

  • Hosting stakeholder dialogues at the Consumer Summit in 2010 and 2011.
  • Hosting a dialogue between 120 heads of linguistic units, from all European Institutions, in order to inquire into future changes facing the European Public Service of translation.
  • Designing and facilitating a multi-stakeholder meeting of transport infrastructure providers and operators, public authority representatives, construction industries and researchers: “Innovating for growth through our transport infrastructure.”
  • Hosting an internal gathering in which 200 people sense into their mission and purpose for the coming years.
  • Designing and hosting a conference for 800 people “Telling the story”.

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