Julie Arts

I am an economist, based in Belgium, and working across the world.  My work as a change facilitator is about creating action-oriented learning environments, globally-connected yet locally-activated, using both online and in-person interventions & infrastructures. My work ranges from leading multi-stakeholder innovation labs, to building capacity in others, and designing online-offline processes for collaboration and learning.

Multi-stakeholder labs include:
– Leadership for Universal Health Coverage (L4UHC) with GIZ, World Bank & others: a 1-year program to advance national UHC agendas by building leadership capacities of involved stakeholders;
– 4.0 Lab: an 18-month cross sectoral program that combines in-person meetings with online support for collaboration, peer learning, and collective action.

Capacity-building and core faculty work includes:
– In-person and Virtual Leadership programs for Accenture;
– Presencing Foundation and Advanced Programs (Design & Facilitation; Ecosystem Leadership);
– Ecosystem Leadership – module in an MBA program.

Breakthrough online-offline program design and facilitation includes:
– u.lab: Leading from the Emerging Future: a 3-month course created by PI, and hosted by MITx and Edx;
– Ubuntu.Lab: a 6-month learning program, training facilitators from 20 countries in Africa to activate local change makers across the continent to co-shape African’s future;
– Communities4Change: in partnership with Impact Hub Network, a customised and curated u.lab-format around specific societal challenges.

My career started in 1998 in international banking (KBC Bank). After a 6-month backpacker trip throughout Latin-America, I switched to communication & strategy in 2000, which led me to becoming an independent facilitator in multinational corporations and large institutions like Unilever, TNO and Lekkerland. And later I also worked for 1 year, part time, for the University of Leuven (Belgium)

As someone fascinated by the complex challenges in our society, I believe we need a fundamental shift in how we live and work together in our local communities and globally.