You Fool!

Yes, a Tarot card

No, I’m not a fortune-teller and I didn’t visit one.

Tarot cards are often misunderstood, especially among “new agers”, as a tool to predict the future.

But Tarot is an ancient wisdom, that has its root in the Kabbalah. (“Kabbalah is the science of God, of the human nature and of all the relations between God and human existence. It teaches us unity”. Extract from Elisabeth Haich’s book, Wisdom of Tarot)

Elisabeth Haich writes in her book that the cards symbolise the structure of our soul.

She pictures a human as a mosaic. A mosaic consists of heaps of little stones, in different colours, placed in a certain pattern, showing a coherent image. There is a huge diversity of stones, and each human being has its own unique pattern, with the stones reflecting qualities, competences, talents, challenges, lessons to be learned….

The pattern is unique, but the stones are the same at the source.

The cards can offer us an insight into our mosaic, and with that into our destiny, like a spiritual mirror, in which we can explore and understand our pattern. Destiny is not “written”, destiny is a sum of how we respond to what happens in our lives.

It’s from this perspective that I’m exploring the Tarot.


This morning, I found 2 messages in my mailbox, again cancellations of things that were planned in the coming months. So many endings! It’s becoming a clear pattern.



So…I picked a card. (during a skype call with Kamyar, we often do that when we feel there is something going on that transcends naked facts)


I picked the “Fool”.

The Fool symbolises a huge new beginning, the start of whole new cycle of life.



*makes sense*


And the card invites me to surrender to the unknown, to try not to think, analyse, or be cautious,… to let go of my mental strenght. And to step over the edge, unconcernedly and with faith.


*Ouch, I like my mental strenght, it keeps me safe and on the radar*


As a piece of advice, I picked the “Tower”.

The tower represents a sudden, dramatic change, a disruption, a complete destruction of what is, to make space for what will be.



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