Rise to your mythology

Stien, a poet in heart & soul, gifted me this poem, last February for my birthday.

What a precious present!

I felt it was time to share her talent!!

And…it is time for me to try to live up to her words.

As another friend told me on Saturday morning: Julie, it’s time to move your ass, to step up & become visible in who you are, what you do and what you want to create with your work. You are in the background and I invite you to explore the foreground.



Until now, I navigated my life and work by “synchronicity”, I chose, based on resonance, from what came to me or what I saw passing by.  Re-action.

But going “out there” myself, creating the opportunities myself, was not my call. When times were calm, I waited and learned something new. Worked perfectly.


“Well, I do write my blog now”, I replied in an attempt to convince her I was moving my ass.

She looked at me with a significant smile and I realised, that that wasn’t enough 🙂


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