Reconnect the financial system with the real economy

Yesterday evening, I attended the “Dadelen Café” in Ghent. Some of the initiators are dear friends & colleagues of me.

They describe the idea like this:

“Dadelen is a Flemish initiative that wants to create a local complementary currency for exchange of knowledge and service in and around transition processes.

These complementary valuing systems stand between our current euro economy and the gift economy. There appears to be a need for a system that supports regional innovation and experimentation, a system somewhere between the official grant channel (who often not recognize the real innovative experiments), the classic entrepreneurship (who mostly don’t have the time & money yet to invest) and volunteering.”

More info on (in Dutch)

This morning I registered to become a Dadelaar. I want to join this community that explores new ways to reconnect our financial system, with the economy and the people. By registering I will receive 80 Dadels, that I can invest in projects that I want to contribute to or I can start a new project.

In the Café yesterday, I hosted a conversation around an idea I am holding since a long time now. (cfr. post of yesterday: am I moving my ass or not?? :-))


The idea is to create a prototyping lab for collective learning & development.


Not a “businessplan”-project but a community project.

Thanks to reflection and feedback of the people yesterday, I realised that I need to finetune this idea more, not on my own, but with co-believers.

Next step: finding co-believers!


Bit more background:

Working in governments, I notice how difficult it is for large institutions, with societal responsabilties, to move with the changes that are happening around us and with the uncertainty of what the future will bring.

As an individual or a small organisation you can grow through experimentation and trial & error. But they have so much responsabilty and scale, so many parameters to take into account, so many laws to dance with, so much visibilty and thus potential critisism, that it asks for super-human competences to come up with real change that serves all, over time and space. Competences that one person doesn’t have, that one organisation doesn’t have.

So let’s create a space were we can learn & co-create as a collective.

But that’s how far I am…. 🙂

To be continued….



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