I followed a 1day training: introduction into phonophoresis in the context of healing people with the frequencies of sounds with tuning forks.  It intrigued me.

We had an introduction into

  • the energetic field of the macrocosm (universe) and microcosm (body) and how they are related.
  • the mathematical meaning of frequency, vibrations, octaves and proportions (Phytagoras)
  • how sound is related to coulour (by doubling the octaves of sound, at a certain point we enter the spectrum of colour)
  • how octaves are the factor that connects astronomy, music and colour

So fascinating!

But also mindblowing, litterally and metaphorically. My brains hurt.


I followed several trainings in “quantumphysics”, a couple of years ago, at The Pari for New Learning

(, where David Peat introduced us into this new knowledge, but…it’s not easy to grasp or -for me- to fully understand with my “not-so-rational/logical-brain”.

But I learned: if you keep your brain out of the way, you can sense what it means.

What stayed with me the most is the part about music and how the octaves that we use in the West (A-tone) are not the natural ones, they are not “tuned” with the cosmis rhythms (G-tone). And it is the latter, that has healing capacities.

In the afternoon we practiced on eachother using tuning forks and singing bowls. Impressive to experience how powerful it was!

I opened a little window in a new world.

Don’t know whether I will continue this specific inquiry into phonophoresis but it is defenitely related to all the other perspectives on the paradigm that is unfolding around us, or …I should say…to the new paradigm that we are finally starting to see.

If we realise how all that is, is energy, how all that is, is connected through resonance….what would we see if look at the world around us? at ourselves?

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