Zon took me on a creative reflective journey. Over a period of 6 months, we visit 3 art exhibitions, exploring reflective questions. First visit was in July, we went to a photography show in Bozar, Brussels.

Yesterday was our second encounter.

We met with Emiel De Keyzer, a Belgian artist. We spoke for 2 hours. I left the house dazzled, inspired, triggered and overwhelmed. In the best way.

The motive for the visit was one of Emiel’s most recent works (see picture). A painting created with human paintbrushes, himself and 2 ladies, he met through synchronicity. The artwork is truly beautiful!

It is so “true”.  I lack words to describe it.

But it’s the story of the creation process that resonated so much with me.


It was a process of liberation.

Liberation from dualities.

Liberation from the form.


Release of gender differences, no women and a man, but 3 persons, interacting towards unity.


Emiel: “Art as an attempt, to liberate the energy of higher potential in ourselves, to liberate ourselves temporarily from our form, to touch the divine, the ‘je-ne-sais-quoi’

and this while being alive, in our 3D shape.

You cease to exist and yet you keep your form. (like death)

Total presence & absolute absence.

A moment between morphus and amorphus.


In that context, development is not filling ourselves with as much as possible (experiences, knowlegde, matter,…) but emptying ourselves, creating space for the Energy to move through us. To be completely in your body and yet to get yourself out of “It’s” way.

The artwork and the creation process harmonises those energies through the interaction that takes place.”


Being the artist and paintbrush at the same time,

required discipline.

Discipline as a condition for liberation, for human freedom.

Discipline to prepare yourself to receive the creation.

Emiel doesn’t see himself as the artist who “makes” and thus “owns” the artwork. It was given. That’s why he never stepped into the commercial side of the art-world. You cannot trade a gift.

You cannot buy and sell what is free, like water & air.



One last remark of Emiel that will stay with me

“Being human is a craft”

The purpose of education, of art, is to help people to become fully human,

so that we can see our optimal opportunities & potential,

to realise we are so much more than our form.”


What a day!

Thank you Zon!

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