Here we go again


My fridge is filled with magnets, quotes, postcards, To Do lists, pictures & letters. One of the magnets says: “reincarnation….here we go again”.

We don’t “know” what will happen when we leave this life, but reincarnation always sounded like a plausible scenario to me.

And this magnet reminds me daily to deal with “stuff” now, because otherwise the lessons will be presented again, “next time”. (not as a punishment!, as an urge to grow)

It also gives a certain relativism to life, that I needed, since the philosophical questions “what’s the point? what’s the purpose of a lifetime?” haunted me, even as a child.

The reminder to deal with stuff now, is actually even more important within one lifetime.

I was tought at very young age, that if you try to hide from complications, by looking the other way hoping “it” will disappear, that patterns will show up again, in another package but offering the same lesson. In the next relationship, the next family issue, another professional turbulence, ….

A wise lady told me once: “Problems are there to challenge you and remember, if someone fires a ball right at you, put your attention on the ball, not on the one who fired it. They are just the messenger. You should even thank them.”

I must admit that the last part of that piece of wisdom is often “one bridge to far”, although I understand.

But it’s quite difficult to say “bless you for dumping me”, “bless you for cancelling the work”, “bless you for judging what I belief in” 🙂

Well…it’s a consolation that I have many more lifetimes ahead to learn 🙂

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