Frozen Figs with Hot Chocolate

Is there a more appropriate title for a circle of women?

It is defenitely the most divine dessert on the planet: picking fresh figs from the trees on the Island Andros (Greece), putting them in the freezer and then pouring hot chocolate on top of them.

Ria and I were in Paleopolis, visiting Luea, for a week. A week of deep conversation, swimming, divine desserts and hundreds of pictures of the constantly changing Aegean.

The 3 of us have been meeting occassionaly for over a year, for lunch or on skype. Every time we touched upon great themes and questions and feeling the wish to deepen this conversation during a longer period.

So we decided to spend a week together on Andros.

We started with an empty paper with 3 post-its, each holding a word that came up in every conversation we had had so far: entrepreneurship, impact and consciousness.  Every day we sat in circle and explored all the dimensions and layers of the field connecting those 3 words.

It was amazing! and the beginning of something that is unfolding slowly.


2015-08-17 12.44.46IMG_4296IMG_4416 vrouw in zeeIMG_4482 olijfboom

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