Down the quantum-theory rabbit hole

I read the two books of Joseph Jaworski: Synchronicity & Source. Very accessible reading, thanks to Jaworski’s open style of expressing his life story and his beliefs.

His story took me on a journey through my past and present. I often put the books aside, to dig into my memories: How did that happen in my life? How do I handle that?

There are many similarities in the “seeking”, in the beliefs, in the dreams. And of course there is Theory U, that I use in my work, and that Jaworski co-created long time ago.

So his story was kind of a mirror for my own. And it offered me an immense clarity, on reality, on my life.

The highest recognition occurred when Jaworski spoke about his experience in Pari. Months before that gathering took place, I was in Pari to attend a course on New Science, given by David Peat. That’s where I was introduced into quantum theory and David Bohm’s ideas. A mind-blowing week. I remember that David Peat told us, that sometimes people’s mind effectively blow up because of these theories. That week I also read, David’s book “From certainty to uncertainty” and my journey into the ”new” paradigm started. A step down the rabbit hole, a step that cannot be undone. You can’t go back.

That’s when I experienced my own first shift in identity and perspective. The world was still the same and yet totally different.

At that time, David Peat was making the arrangements for the Bohm-gathering, that Jaworski attended and extensively described in his book “Source”. I remember asking David whether I could ‘pleeeease’ attend, even if it was only to pour coffee or sweep the floors . But there was no space in the room or the village. Oh, if only I could have been a fly during those conversations!!

In 2009 I attended a Pari Roundtable Dialogue on the New Economy. Amazing week! And an opening into a whole new chapter in my own life. This Roundtable lead to another week in London, where we all met again, for a Bohm conference and several meetings around the Pari Dialogues in the House of Lords.


All this “new” knowledge, these relationships and ideas were re-awakened by reading the book Source.

As if I discovered a new and deeper layer below all these “theories” that I know and deeply belief, but where are they in my daily life?

Do I dare to look at every little event and big decision from that worldview?

Do I dare to step with both feet in the river of “interconnectedness”?

Especially when things are difficult and times are turbulent & uncertain?


I intentionally invited myself to do so.

To live from that worldview of “interconnectedness” that requires a fundamental shift in our perspective on reality. A worldview that is based on principles like:

  • Everything is process and movement. All that is, is interconnected (“separation without separateness”) through a web of relationships.
  • The non-locality of human intentions (the impact of human intentions on physical reality)
  • “We do not describe what we see, we see what we describe.”
  • The reality that impacts us the most is the one we cannot perceive with our senses, and which we cannot describe in words.
  • Our destiny enrols itself according our destiny. (we need to change our relationship with the future, which we can create)

To live from that place of trust and surrendering, knowing that what will happen is what we each need, to reach our destiny. All we need to do is intentionally wait for the chances to occur.

Only if I can make that shift in my entire being, I will be able to weave Bohm’s ideas about the transformative powers of dialogue into the my work with the U-process.

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