Soul 2 Soul

A couple of months ago, during a design meeting for an art of hosting training in Belgium, one of my colleagues checked into our circle with following story:

“This morning I was listening to Toots Tielemans on the radio, and all of a sudden, there was this short sequence of notes that touched me so deeply, I started to cry.”

I recognise this moment.
I experienced it looking at a painting from Rothko, listening the Requiem of Mozart, seeing a sculpture of an angel in the Louvre. And here:

In my life I’ve seen thousands of artworks, listened for days to music, what makes this subtle but huge difference between artwork you truly enjoy and artwork that deeply touches you (beyond emotions) in the soul?

Otto Scharmer (Presencing Institute) calls this ‘playing the macro violin’.
“Some artists play an instrument, some play music, as if it were created and played through them.” And this makes all the difference, also for the listener.

It’s a soul 2 soul connection,
with the source where everything began, begins and will sprout from and that we all share