You see who you are

Being a mirror

In a recent skypecall, a dear friend told me about a recent insight he had. He realised that he was a mirror.

A couple of years ago, he left his cool job (his own company) -it wasn’t satisfying anymore- to start an inquiry into life, and more specifically into his potential role in it.

A very brave decision.

After whole this time, he noticed that people’s opinions about his journey were so diverse, often quite extreme. Most of them were clear projections, as if people were talking to themselves. As if they saw in him the blank spots in their own lifes.

Some judge harshly and shut down, but others feel triggered in a positive way and leave with questions about themselves. As if the mirror was an invitation.

This insight lead to a wonderful conversation between us about invitation into transformation.

Looking back to our own lifes, we noticed that most of the transformational moments we experienced, were triggered by meeting an inspirational person.

Someone who didn’t try to push his/her life-philosophy to us, but someone who was capable of showing him/herself so authentically that our blank spots felt safe enough to be touched and inquired into.




Right timing.


Those could be the ingredients of an invitation into change.



Beyond right & wrong (no judgements).

(self-) Awareness.


Those could be the ingredients of a mirror.

Inquiry to be continued…..